Why does my stylist need to order my extensions?

Why does my stylist need to order my extensions?

We understand the excitement of wanting something and wanting it now, so having to book in for a consultation with a stylist can seem like one more step holding you back from having those new extensions in your hands, and on your head. We want to put this thought process to rest and assure you that reserving the purchase of our professional collections (tape-ins, hand-tied and flat wefts) to registered stylists is truly for your benefit. This allows us to ensure clients book in for a consultation. Here is why that consult is KEY:

1) Your stylist has a Philocaly swatch ring on hand which is the most accurate way to colour match. While our shades are shown online, photography is not always accurate and colours can alter from monitor to monitor. Not only do they have a swatch ring, but your stylist is educated in colour theory and sees colours differently than the average person. You might think your best match is Champagne Kiss when in all reality you need Oh My Ombré for your slight drop root mixed with Parisian Dream to add some dimension.

2) Your stylist can help you determine which application method is best for you! Do you really know the difference between tape-in, hand-tied and flat weft application? Do you know which is best suited for your hair type, lifestyle and budget? Your stylist does!

3) Your stylist can accurately assess how many packages of tape-ins or wefts you need for a seamless blend! A client with thick hair and a blunt lob who wants to add length is going to have significantly different requirements than a client with fine and long hair who just wants added volume.

4) Your stylist will be able to educate you on proper at home care so you can maintain that gorgeous new hair! “Can I sleep with wet hair? What shampoo and conditioner should I use? How do I properly brush?”

We can’t stress enough that quality application is equally as important as quality hair extensions. Your stylist is trained to ensure your extensions look natural, seamless and beautiful and do not cause damage. Your extensions are an investment. Think of your stylist as your trusted insurance policy!

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- Please note that our clip-in hair extensions are available for purchase by stylists and non-stylists -