Our Story


Once upon a time, three sisters, co-founders and hair extension addicts set out on a mission to provide the highest quality human hair extensions the world has ever seen. After wearing overpriced and less than perfect hair extensions for over a decade, we felt a deep frustration to find luxurious hair that wasn't ready to be thrown out after a few short months. Fuelled by this deep frustration, we spent years researching and testing different varieties of hair extensions until we found the glamorous hair we always dreamed of.

What's our secret? Here at Philocaly, we prefer to keep no secrets and instead offer complete transparency. Our hair extensions are crafted using the highest quality human hair (Remy, cuticle in-tact, single donor and ethically sourced) paired with the most advanced processing techniques (No acid baths or harsh chemicals and zero silicone coating). We find it only fair to share our discovery of perfect hair with the rest of the world, thus creating Philocaly Hair Inc. Learn more about our hair here.