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Russian Remy Hair

T h e  U l t i m a t e  L u x u r y

Why Choose Russian Hair?

Russian hair is considered the gold standard in the hair extension industry. It is also considered to be the most compatible with Caucasian hair over the likes of Chinese, Indian, Brazilian and other types of hair commonly used in hair extensions. Due to the natural lightness of Russian hair, it does not require over processing in order to reach the most desirable shades (Think blonde, caramel, light brown and red,) and therefore retains its integrity far better than other varieties of hair. For these reasons Philocaly Hair only uses 100% Russian Remy hair in the production of our hair extensions resulting in soft, tangle-free and perfectly glamorous hair. 

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Our Story

Once upon a time, three sisters, co-founders and hair extension addicts set out on a mission to provide the highest quality human hair extensions the world has ever seen. After wearing overpriced and less than perfect hair extensions for over a decade, we felt a deep frustration to find luxurious hair that wasn't ready to be thrown out after a few short months. Fueled by this deep frustration, we spent years researching and testing different varieties of hair extensions until we found the glamorous hair we always dreamed of having - directly in the heart of Russia. We find it only fair to share our discovery of perfect hair with the rest of the world, thus creating Philocaly Hair Inc. 

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Hand-Tied 101

How are Philocaly hand-tied wefts applied? Your Philocaly verified stylist will create beaded rows and then proceed to weave Philocaly hand-tied wefts to the beads and subsequently your natural hair. Because beads are used, there are less points of contact with your natural hair than any other semi-permanent method on the market. 

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Philocaly Look Book

View our Look Book to see pictures of real customers rocking their Philocaly hair extensions. For your chance to be featured on our social feeds and website, tag #philocalyhair 


Once you’ve chosen your extensions, don’t forget to check out our wide range of aftercare products to keep your Philocaly hair extensions healthy and beautiful. We stock high quality shampoos, conditioners, heat protection sprays, masks and oils that you can use to treat your own hair as well as your hair extensions

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Philocaly Hair proudly offers tape-in and hand-tied education classes across Canada and beyond. Learn product and industry knowledge, consultation, application, removal, blending and maintenance. To view our complete list of upcoming classes click here. Philocaly education is available for registered stylists only.


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