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Our hair goes beyond dreamy

We provide the highest quality, ethically sourced hair extensions, which means you can look your best while making a positive impact.

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Our customers are not just a bottom line - they are the reason for everything we do! We want to be your BFF, providing the highest caliber customer service and easy shipping & returns.

we know a thing or two about extensions

We live and breathe all things hair extensions, making it our mission to be your expert, educational source for all things hair extensions.

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Customers Love Us

Philocaly is the only extension brand I work with! Their high quality hair makes it easy to sell to my clients and work with. Their customer service is also incredible, they are a beautiful group of people who care about their customers and their product. One of the best education experiences was the Philocaly Flip up Convention with Abbey Brookee, it was amazing! I have been exclusively using this brand since 2018. I’ve taken 4 courses from them, and all of them have inspired me so much. I love this company as a stylist and my clients love their extensions and new install methods.

Shanelle Pratt, Canada

The hair is amazing and the care that goes into the product is the best I have ever seen! The packaging is beautiful. Not just the box, but even the packing envelope it comes in is rose gold. My clients and staff get so excited to receive their Philocaly packages. The hair is full and colours beautifully, plus they are an absolute delight to deal with on the customer service front. I can't say enough fantastic things!

Kelly Marie in Winnipeg, Canada

I love Philocaly hair! The quality of the hair itself all the way to the customer service and responsiveness of the team has been amazing! Myself and all my clients have been thoroughly impressed with Philocaly.

Jamie Morros, Canada

I have used so many different kinds of hair extensions and techniques over the last 9 years and Philocaly has the best quality hair extensions I have ever experienced. The hair lasts significantly longer than any other that I have used. Their customer service is amazing and their range of colours is great. Because they are a Canadian company, shipping within Canada is super quick and affordable. I will never use another extension brand again!

Sarah OConnor

I have been using Philocaly Hair Extensions on my clients for over a year now and have also worn them myself. They are such beautiful quality and come in so many shades! They have the best customer service and are just a delight to work with! I highly recommend checking out their cute accessories too.

Amber Joy

I am absolutely blown away by the difference in quality and customer service that Philocaly offers! I've tested them on myself and many of my clients and we are all so happy with them! Anyone who has converted from another type of hair extension to Philocaly Hair swears that they are never going back, and neither am I.

Kendra Johnson in Weyburn, Canada

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