Selecting Your Length

Whether you're looking for a natural or ultra glam result, Philocaly has a variety of lengths to suit the look you want to achieve.

Lengths Available

16-18 inch: mid-length hair extensions, a good choice if your own hair is short to mid-length. Please note that our 16-18" length is currently only offered with our tape-in collection.


18-20 inch: a versatile length and also our most popular length of hair extensions. This length is available in all of our collections.


20-22 inch: for super-long hair extensions extending below the waist. 20-22" is currently available in our hand-tied and tape-in collections.

20-22 inch pictured above

Our hair extensions come already trimmed for a healthier and thicker appearance. The length will be within a 2-inch range, i.e. 16–18-inch hair extensions will be trimmed within 16-18 inches and not any shorter. This means that you will not need to trim the ends of your new hair extensions (unless you decided to) as they will be beautiful from day one.