Flat Wefts Launching October 31.2020

Introducing the Philocaly Silk Flat Weft

Philocaly Hair Extensions is launching a new revolutionary product- meet the newest addition to our hair extension family- the Philocaly Silk Flat Weft. This revolutionary product will be launching October 31, 2020 in 31 shades! There are generally two kinds of wefts we are familiar with, which are machine wefts and hand tied wefts. Taking the advantages and disadvantages of both into consideration we have developed the new flat silk weft.

 How to distinguish the differences between the common wefts


  • No Return Hair


There is around .8” -1” return short hair for machine wefts and 1.5”-2” return hair for hand tied wefts. Flat wefts have the advantage of having no return hair, which can make flat wefts more comfortable for clients with a sensitive scalp.


  • Less Bulk Than a Machine Weft


In comparison to a machine weft the flat weft is much thinner! Machine wefts are the original wefted hair extension on the market and can be very heavy and bulky. The flat silk weft is 30% thinner than the common machine weft. The flat weft is almost as thin as a hand tied weft yet can be cut like a machine weft.  


  • Can be Cut/Customizable


Unlike a hand tied weft which cannot be cut due to its delicate nature, the flat weft can be cut. The flat weft is bound together by silk making it extremely strong. The flat weft will be long, similar to a machine weft, and can be cut to any width to match your clients head circumference.


In conclusion the flat weft is ultimately a hybrid weft which provides the thin attribute of a hand tied weft while allowing the weft to be customizable and cut like a machine weft. The flat weft provides the best of both worlds! Please note that our machine weft collection will be discontinued and therefore there may be many out of stocks in this line until the release of our flat weft collection come October 31. We can’t wait to serve you better.


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