Philocaly Recycling

Help clean oil spills with your pre-loved hair extensions

At Philocaly Hair, we are committed to working in a fair and sustainable way. As one of the leading suppliers of hair extensions, we sell a lot of hair, which ultimately ends up in landfills once the customer has finished and moved onto a new set of hair extensions. This doesn't sit well with us, which is why we are ecstatic to have partnered with the Matter of Trust Program for their Clean Wave Campaign to promote the awareness and environmental impact of waste fibre recycling.

Why is it important to donate your
pre-loved hair extensions?

Hair has long been known for its quality to absorb oil. Donated hair extensions are turned into special mats which are set to work in oil leaks to effectively soak up oil spills.

How do I recycle my Philocaly hair?

Instead of throwing away your unwanted hair extensions, simply follow these easy steps:

1) Cut off the extension portion from the hair extensions (ie., the tabs from tape-ins, bonds from keratin tips, or wefts from hand-tied, flat wefts and clip-ins).

  1. 2) We prefer accepting hair back in bulk. Stylists, once you have approximately enough hair to fill a shoe box, please email and request a prepaid return shipping label.

3) Neatly package the hair extensions, print return shipping label and affix to outside of package. Drop off at post office and send back to us.

  1. Once we receive the hair back at our head office, we will send the hair extensions to the Clean Wave Campaign where they will turn the hair into hair mats. Clients can donate their hair directly to their Philocaly Verified Stylist.


Through our collective effort, we can make a big impact!