Meet Your Match

With 25 gorgeous shades to chooose from, Philocaly has a perfect match for everyone. Check out our shade matching tips below to find yours!


We understand just how important it is to have well matched hair extensions. We also understand how frustrating it is to receive your new hair (Yay!) only to realize you went with the wrong shade (Boo!). This is why we provide all the tools necessary to help you find your perfect shade.

Philocaly Tips


  1. If you plan on colouring your hair, select your hair extension shade post treatment. It is easier to match your extensions to an actual versus desired result.
  2. If torn between going too dark or too light, go with the latter. Hair extensions can always be dyed darker (Within 2 shades), but never lightened.
  3. Check out our look book to see real Philocaly customers wearing their Philocaly hair extensions!
  4. Check out our colour matching blog that pairs your favourite celebs with their perfect Philocaly shade!
  5. Watch our colour matching video to determine your ideal shade!
  6. Leave shade selection to the professionals and book an appointment with one of our verified salons that carry a Philocaly Hair colour ring.
  7. Email us a picture of your hair in natural lighting (No filters, ladies) and let us help you find your perfect match!