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Russian hair, Chinese hair, Indian hair, Malaysian Hair, Brazilian hair... With so many hair extension options available, we understand that it can be overwhelming to make a decision on what hair extension option is right for you. To complicate the matter even more, hair extension companies are known to lie about the origin of their hair in order to make higher profit margins. Think you ordered Russian hair? Think again! It could very well be Indian or Chinese hair disguised as Russian (Ugh)! How can one be certain they order the best hair type, while ensuring the company they are ordering from is trustworthy and reliable? Don't worry - we've got you covered!

What is Russian Hair?


Due to the natural thickness, softness and glossy appearance of Russian hair, it is widely considered to be the "crème de la crème" of hair extensions by both extension gurus and celebrities alike. Not only does it blend more seamlessly with Caucasian hair, but unlike Asian, Indian and other varieties, Russian hair is Caucasian so the cuticle does not require over processing and stripping to reach the most popular shades. Russian women naturally have lighter hair, so it only makes sense that it is healthier than Asian or Indian hair that is naturally black and requires over-processing. Along with being the least processed, Russian hair is the softest and finest hair available so does not require silicone or harsh chemicals to hide a naturally coarse texture. Why cover up perfection, ladies? Hair that is covered in silicone can feel great initially, but once the silicone wears off, the hair becomes dry, thin and tangled. The old adage, what you see is what you get, remains true with Russian hair. Russian hair is naturally and organically fabulous which is why it requires no silicone disguise. Best of all, Russian hair continues to look amazing, wash after wash, allowing it to last for years versus months. For these reasons, Philocaly only uses Russian hair collected directly in the heart of Russia.

Philocaly Goes Beyond Russian


Philocaly extensions are not only 100% Remy Russian, but they are also 100% single donor collected. This means that every package of Philocaly hair extensions are ethically gathered from the same person. Not only does this give your hair extensions natural flow and movement but it also means zero tangling and matting (Hallelujah). Single donor hair extensions are rare given the high cost associated with this process. The majority of hair extension companies simply gather their hair from a large group of donors and then send it to a factory to be bunched together and turned into hair extensions. This means that the hair in each set of our competitors extensions could easily be collected from thousands of women. Although they can advertise their product as Remy since the cuticles face in the same direction, the cuticles are not gentically identical and therefore the extensions will still tangle. Philocaly extensions are perfectly tangle free and glamorous!

Is Russian Hair Right for Me?


Although Russian hair can technically be used by anyone wanting fabulous hair, it is more suited for women with finer hair textures. With this being said, please do not mistake fineness of hair for density. Women with fine hair can still have incredibly thick hair (Hello Kardashian and Hadid sisters); we are simply talking about the diameter of every hair strand. Generally speaking, Caucasian hair is finer in diameter than hair from other backgrounds, such as Asian, African and Indian, which is why Russian hair extensions are known to work best for Caucasian women. Philocaly Russian hair extensions are not only perfectly thick and full, but they also blend seamlessly with Caucasian hair. View our Look Book to see Philocaly hair on real customers.