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Why Philocaly?

25 gorgeous tape-in shades to choose from

Russian Remy Human Hair

Philocaly Hair offers the most premium hair on the planet. Our hair extensions are 100% Russian which, simply put, means that our donors are Russian women. What does this mean for you? Russian hair matches the texture of your Caucasian clients far better than the likes of Indian or Chinese hair that is commonly used in the hair extension industry. Blending textures is imperative for a natural result.


Damage Free Tabs

Philocaly tabs have been specifically engineered to be thinner and less saturated in glue than any other tabs on the market, which means easy concealment and zero damage. Gone are the days of spending hours at the sink trying to get the glue out of your clients hair. Philocaly hair extensions leave absolutely zero residue. Can we say hallelujah to easy removal!?


Silicone Free

Did you know that silicone is used in the hair extension indutry to conceal a poor quality product? Silicone creates the appearance of shiny and healthy hair, however when the coating washes off you are left with the dissapointing truth of a poor quality product. Silicone coating also makes it difficult for stylists to colour and cut hair as normal given that the hair no longer acts like real hair and more so like plastic. We have nothing to hide at Philocaly Hair which is why our hair is never coated in silicone.


Ethically Sourced

At Philocaly Hair, we care about the impact our business is making on the world, which is why we only support ethical practices of hair collection. Philocaly Hair proudly pays a fair trade price to willing donors from Russia. Have further questions regarding our collection process? Drop us a line.


Single Donor Collected

Not only is every package of Philocaly Hair 100% Remy (cuticle running in the same direction), but also 100% single donor collected. This means that every package of Philocaly Hair is ethically gathered from the same woman. This gives our hair extensions natural movement and flow that you will not find with other hair extensions that could easily be collected from thousands of women per package.


Satisfaction Guarantee

Your happiness is our happiness which is why we stand behind our product 100%! We guarantee that our hair extensions will never matt, tangle or shed excessilvely and will last 8-12+ months with proper care. If you should every have a warranty concern with Philocaly Hair, we are happy to resolve the situation so both you and your client are happy!


Philocaly Education

Philocaly Hair offers two education programs- hands on and online. Both advanced courses teach product and industry knowledge, consultation, application, removal, blending and maintenance. In order to be listed as a Verified Salon we require at least one stylist from your salon take our certification. Register online or find an in person course near you.


Must Read Stylist Tip

Not taking Philocaly training but still want to apply Philocaly? No problem! We just want to ensure that you are aware of one major difference with Philocaly application. Philocaly tabs are thinner and less saturated in glue than any other extensions on the market so require smaller sections of hair inbetween the tabs for proper application. We recommend no more than 1/8 inch sections. Watch this brief video to understand what a perfect Philocaly section size looks like.


Stock up on Salon Essentials


Philocaly provides everything you need to provide your clients with a seamless experience - from human hair colour rings for easy matching to organic remover for damage free removal.


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