Calling all stylists, beauty and fashion content creators!

If you fall into one of these categories, the Philocaly Hair Ambassador Program might just be the perfect fit for you <3

Our ambassadors will work alongside the Philocaly brand to expand Philocaly awareness. Ambassadors will earn a commission on every purchase made through a unique referral link.

We’d love to have you join us in our mission to make ethically sourced, Remy hair accessible worldwide. Philocaly hair stands for the love of beauty and what is more beautiful than sharing your love for gorgeous hair!

Join our Philocaly Ambassador Program and earn commissions of up to 20% per sale, on top of some other incredible incentives!

  • 90-day cookies
  • Unique tracking link
  • $400+ Average Order Value
  • Above Average Conversion Rate
Total Sales Generated* Commission % Tiers*

$0 to $2,499.99


$2,500 to $4,999.99


$5,000 and Up


* Tiers begin on the 1st of the month and are reset on the last day of the month. Meaning, one will have one full-month to reach the highest commission % tier. At the end of the month, the cycle resets which means that the sales and commission % tiers will be be reset to the lowest tiers.

Click Here to View a Detailed Earnings Example

You have one month to climb the commission % tiers until the cycle resets. Here is an illustration of how one would earn with our program.

By day 22 of the 30-day cycle, Sally generates seven sales that total $2,400. Sally will earn 10% of $2,400, equating to $240 in commissions.  

On day 25, Sally generates three sales totaling an additional $1,000. Sally will earn 10% for $99.99 and 15% for $900.01. 10% of $99.99 is $9.99, and 15% of $900.01 is $135.00. Sally will earn an additional $174.99 on top of the initial $240 she had already made on the first seven sales.

Remember, Sally needs to exceed $2,499.99 to move up to the next commission % tier. That is why the first $2,400 + $99.99 is only paid 10%.  

Until now, Sally has only generated ten sales producing $3,400. It took Sally 25 days to reach this point, meaning she only has two more days to cause enough sales to move up to the 20% commission % tier (20%). Assuming Sally has yet to generate more sales at the end of the cycle, the cycle will reset. Sally will return to day 0, starting at the 10% commission % tier, and must work up again.

On the other hand, Sally generates an additional $4,000 in sales before the 30-day window closes. Remember, Sally has already generated $3,400 in sales. She only needs to meet or exceed $5,000 in total sales within that 30-day window to earn 20%. Let's do the math.

Sally has generated $7,400 in sales within the 30-day window. Assuming the cycle closes, here is the breakdown of what Sally will get paid.

  • - $249.99: 10% of the first $2,499.99
  • - $750.00: 15% of the amount between $2,500 and $4,999.99
  • - $480: 20% of the amount over $5,000, which equated to $2,400.00

Sally would earn and be paid $1,479.99 in this cycle for her help in generating $7,400.00 in sales partnering with Philocaly!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Once I submit my application, how long does it take to get approved?
  • Assuming you submit all of the required information, it will take our team 24-72 hours to decide.
  • What happens after I am approved?
  • You will receive detailed instructions via email shortly after you submit your application. Please look out for the email for more specific details.
  • How do you track sales referrals that I send your way?
  • Each ambassador partner is issued a unique tracking link using sophisticated tracking software. Ambassadors can publish and advertise their unique tracking link anywhere they want. Anyone who clicks on your link will be tagged to you for 90 days. If and when they purchase, you will be credited for that sale.  

Where or how do I use my referral link?

There are plenty of ways you can utilize your referral link. You can incorporate it into your blog articles. You can share the link in your social media profiles and posts. If you have an email list, please include it in each email. If you have a website, you can strategically insert it where appropriate. You can even print your referral link onto your business cards! The sky is the limit!

  • Will I be paid forever for the customers I send you through my tracking link?
  • No, you will only be paid for the first sale. However, if the same customer clicks on your link a second time, that will start a new 90-day session. And if they were to purchase, you would be credited with the sale. Think of it this way. Whether new or existing, customers must click on your link for their session to be tagged to you.
  • Say they click through your link the first time and make a purchase, and you will get credited. But if that same customer comes to our website by typing in our website address or finding us on Google and makes a purchase, those sales would not be credited to you as they were no longer referred through your unique tracking link.
  • Are there any instances where I would not be paid for my referrals?
  • Yes, but just a few. The first thing to know is that you will not be paid for your purchases made through your referral link. The sole purpose of this program is to refer others you know to Philocaly; therefore, we do not allow self-referrals. Our software will automatically detect self-referrals and not credit those sales to you. Another instance would be customer refunds. Any orders refunded within 30 days of purchase will have commissions backed out against them. The same thing goes for fraudulent charges.
  • Our software's technical limitations also may affect the customers you refer to us. Two instances come to mind.
  • Say a customer is using their laptop and clicks on your referral link. The customer will only be tagged to you as long as they shop and ultimately make a purchase using that same laptop. If for any reason, that customer resumes shopping and eventually completes a purchase using another device such as their smartphone, office computer, etc., you would not be credited with the sale, assuming they did NOT start their new shopping session by clicking through your referral link on the new device.
  • Another instance is if the customer clears their browser cache, which is extremely rare. When a user initiates this action, it erases all traces of their browsing history, including all referral links they have ever clicked on, not just our referral links but everyone else's they have ever clicked on.
  • Both instances are technical limitations which we have no control over.

Are there any products excluded from this partner program?

Yes, all educational products located under the "Classes" collection are currently excluded from our partner program. Customers you refer can still purchase these classes, but you would not earn any commissions for the sale. However, other qualifying products in the same order will be credited to you.

  • How will I know if I have made any sales?
  • Our system will notify you via email each time you refer a sale to us. In addition, you also have 24/7 access to your partner portal, where you can view your performance details along with all your account information.
  • Will I have access to the customer information for those who have purchased through my referral link?
  • Due to privacy reasons, you will only have access to the purchase date and the sale amount.
  • When do I get paid for my sales referrals?
  • Partner commissions are calculated and paid out 25 days after a month has ended to accommodate our return policy. For example, let's assume that February has just been completed. All partner commissions will be paid out by March 25th. Please note that all sales you referred to us will be set to pending for up to 25 days. This ensures we allow enough time for customer refunds, returns, and fraud screening.  
  • How will I be paid?
  • Currently, we prefer to disburse payments via PayPal. You should receive a payment confirmation from Paypal and us with the amount indicated at the time of payment. Please ensure that you have entered your PayPal email address in your ambassador portal to avoid delays in future payouts.
  • What if I have other questions regarding the partner program?
  • Feel free to contact us via the chat icon on the bottom corner of our website.

Important Note: Currently, most of our product collections are only available for purchase by professional customers such as licensed stylists and salons. We will soon be opening up our entire website to retail customers. Currently, retail customers can only purchase products in our accessories collection. Once we do launch retail, your current referral link will work for both professional and retail customers.

Eligibility Requirements

All applications are manually approved. Requirements to join the Philocaly Hair Ambassador Program:

  • - Must be a professional stylist, salon owner, or produce content around beauty, fashion, or lifestyle
  • - Must have a verifiable salon, store, website, or at least one active social media platform (ie. Instagram, YouTube, or TikTok)
  • - Preferably has experience installing, wearing, or styling hair extensions
  • - Must already be following @philocalyhair on Instagram

Content Creation

Philocaly Hair Ambassador Monthly Recommendations:

  • - Post one piece of unique content on social media every month - IG feed post, IG Reel, IGTV, TikTok post, or YouTube video/short (ie. product review, tutorial, testimonial, recommendation)
  • - Content must tag @philocalyhair and include #philocalyhairpartner where applicable
  • - YouTube content must link back to the Philocaly Hair website
  • - All content must be shared with us via Instagram DM once you’ve posted

What is the Philocaly Ambassador Program?

Become a Philocaly Hair Influencer and help your clients and followers access endless beauty for their crowning glory.

Discover a fabulous selection of hair extensions, products and services for making hair styling with extensions safe, fun, exciting, and meaningful!

Leverage our brand to:

- Earn passive income on generated traffic
- Enhance your content
- Access the highest quality, ethically sourced hair extensions your clients will love
- Access expert educational resources for all things hair extensions

Start earning in three simple steps:

Step 1.

Make sure you meet or exceed the eligibility requirements before applying.  

Step 2.

Become An AMBASSADOR by joining our program and get your unique ambassador link to access our offers which you can share on your chosen platform.

Step 3.

Start Earning!
Profit up to 20% commission anytime someone uses your unique ambassador links to make a purchase. This comes with a cookie duration of 90 days.

We’re looking for awesome brand ambassadors who love Philocaly and embody the Philocaly philosophy and lifestyle - creating hair transformations that empower.

Is that you? Join us

Start earning extra income while growing your online presence and enhancing your own brand.

Philocaly Ambassador Highlights

  • Up to 20% commission
  • 90-day cookies
  • Unique tracking link
  • $400+ Average Order Value
  • Above Average Conversion Rate

Align with a trusted brand that values quality hair care, reliability and has helped thousands of women feel as good as they look.


Become an ambassador and start earning up to 20% commission when customers purchase Philocaly products using your link!

All YOU need to do is share the love with your followers or on your social media platforms, blogs, or website. Do what you do best - create videos, stories and posts showcasing our products to get people to love us as much as you do!


Here’s another thing that sets us apart – our cookies!

With our 90-day cookie duration, our affiliates will have an optimal chance to seal the deal, once a link has been clicked. This means a longer, better chance of earning a commission on a sale that you influenced as a Philocaly ambassador!

Friends With Benefits

The key to successful ambassador marketing (and a higher commission!) is TRUST. That’s why choosing the right brand to partner with is a crucial step.
We feel exactly the same way.

At Philocaly, we don’t keep secrets from our besties. From our ethical sourcing to our world-renowned processing techniques, you can feel confident that you’re holding hands with a company that is trustworthy and reliable.

Combine your traffic with our highly-converting products and you have yourself a winning formula for ambassador success!

Create solid content, share your success stories, spread the word, and show us some love across all online platforms like TikTok, Insta, FB, Twitter, YouTube, and more!

The more you post, the better your chances at reeling in that commission.

Ready to become a Philocaly Ambassador?

Join Our Ambassador Program

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So Ready!

Ready to become a Philocaly Ambassador?

Join Our Affiliate Program

to start earning!

So Ready!

The Philocaly Difference

Philocaly is female-owned, operated and proudly Canadian. The brand may be pretty + pink, but we go so much further than that – we make all our products with meaningful transparency.

Our story went from being frustrated consumers wearing overpriced and less-than-perfect hair extensions to businesswomen exposed to an industry riddled with unethical marketing practices. Our mission as hair extension addicts and entrepreneurs became clear: to implement change by offering a product that goes completely against the underregulated yet standard practices in the extension industry.

The Philocaly Promise:

Beyond sharing our discovery of perfect hair, we also offer training and education from hair experts to help you challenge your craft, grow your skills, and expand your tool belt by learning the most exciting extension methods on the market.


100% single-donor collected for a natural flow and movement

Remy / cuticle intact

No acid baths / harsh chemicals

We’ll help you level up your brand and bring your business to greater heights.

Be A Philocaly Hair Influencer