Yes, our brand is pretty + posh, but it goes so much further than that. We make all of our products with meaningful transparency.

Chelsea Dressler
Co Founder

Our Difference

Ahhh, the hair extension industry - an industry we adore and are so honoured to be a part of but also one that is completely under regulated and riddled in lies. From frustrated consumers to hair extension entrepreneurs, we took it upon ourselves to implement change by offering a product that goes completely against the despicable yet standard practices in the extension industry. From our ethical sourcing to our world renown processing techniques, we want you to feel confident that you are in the hands of a company that is trustworthy and reliable.

Ethically Sourced

The hair extension industry is one of the most under regulated industries in the world, leading to many unethical and black market practices. Crimes such as kidnapping women and children for their hair and/or cutting it off against their will is not uncommon. We refuse to turn a blind eye to this atrocity and hope more extension companies adopt our fair trade model. You can rest assured that Philocaly extensions have been willingly sold with the full consent of the donor and that donors are given a fair and reasonable price for their hair. As consumers, it is important to remember that you control the industry. Every time you choose to purchase ethically sourced extensions and say no to unethical ones, you help put a stop to this market of exploitation.

Single Donor

Philocaly extensions are 100% single donor collected. This means that every package of Philocaly hair extensions are ethically gathered from the same person. Not only does this give our hair extensions natural flow and movement but it also means zero tangling and matting (Hallelujah). Single donor hair extensions are rare given the high cost associated with this process. The majority of hair extension companies simply gather their hair from a large group of donors, or over combed brushes/clogged drains, and then send it to a factory to be bunched together and turned into hair extensions. This means that the hair in each set of our competitors extensions could easily be collected from thousands of women. Although they can advertise their product as Remy since the cuticles (if a cuticle still exists) might face in the same direction, the cuticles are not genetically identical and therefore the extensions will still tangle. Philocaly extensions are perfectly tangle free!

Cuticle In-Tact

You would think that all hair extensions have a cuticle, right? Think again! Many extension companies use acid baths and harsh chemicals to colour their hair extensions which leads to complete destruction of the cuticle. Hair without a cuticle is a recipe for disaster. The cuticle not only provides strength, health and protection for the hair, but also its lustre and shine. Hair extensions without a cuticle will have a dull and lacklustre appearance while being completely unmanageable due to tangling and matting. Furthermore, since hair with no cuticle is considered to be dead hair, the lifespan of extensions with no cuticle has essentially ended before the extensions have even been installed. At Philocaly, our hair extensions are minimally processed using no acid baths or harsh chemicals but rather a slow and gentle colouring technique. This allows us to maintain the integrity and cuticle of the hair so you have healthy, strong, lustrous and tangle free hair extensions.  

Silicone Free

Human hair extensions come from humans, not dolls, so why do some extensions feel, smell and look like plastic when you pull them from the package? An ingredient called silicone is the culprit. Silicone has the ability to make poor quality hair extensions appear healthy and shiny. Silicone is only a temporary solution given the coating comes off in only a few washes. Once the silicone coating is gone, the hair returns to its unruly, unmanageable, dry and tangled state. This leads to a lot of frustration for both stylists and clients alike who are left to wonder what went wrong - “They looked so good when she/I left the salon!?” The truth of the matter is that even with the best application, products and aftercare, you can not fix bad quality hair extensions. At Philocaly, we never use silicone on our hair extensions. We are proud of the high quality product we offer and have no reason to hide it’s true quality in silicone - we prefer to showcase it!

"As consumers, it's important to remember that you control the industry. Every time you choose to purchase ethically sourced extensions and say no to unethical ones, you help put a stop to this market of exploitation."