December 04, 2017

Did you know that buying premium quality hair extensions is actually more economical than buying low quality hair extensions? Yes, you heard us right - Spending more money can actually save you money in the long run. At Philocaly, we understand that hair extensions are an investment. We want your investment to last as long as possible which is is why we offer the most premium hair extensions on the market.

Cheap extensions are not cheap in the long run. Poorly made hair extensions usually only last a few months and sometimes even as little as a few weeks. Furthermore, they don’t look nearly as beautiful and natural as high quality hair extensions do. You will also have to deal with a lot of matting, tangling, and unwanted hair stress. Let’s get real- no one wants that. So let’s do the math and do the “cost per wear” conversion using a set of Philocaly clip-in hair extensions vs a competitors who sells Asian hair that is covered in silicone.



Let's say you buy a set of Philocaly Russian Remy hair extensions and wear them two days a week for two years.

$550 / 208 days (roughly two days a week for two years) = $2.64/ wear

That ends up being around $2.64 cents per wear.

Say, instead, you buy a $200 set of hair extensions that will last about 3 months before they are tangled, matted, and dry. You then have to replace your set of hair extensions every 3 months for two years.

$200 (8) / 208 days (roughly two days a week for two years) = $7.69/wear

That ends up being $7.69 per wear.

*Philocaly clip-in hair extensions can last well over 2 years depending on care and frequency of wear. This number is solely used for calculation purposes.


Tips for buying hair extensions


  • Don’t get blinded by brand names. Many big extension companies pay celebrities to endorse their brand. This does not mean you are buying a high quality product.
  • Always check reviews before you buy. Trust people who have already tested the product.
  • Do your homework. Research what hair is used in the production of the hair extensions.
  • Ensure no silicone is used on the hair extensions (Red flag for poor quality)
  • Ensure extensions are a good fit for you, and which method is best for your lifestyle (Tape-in, clip-in etc).
  • Read about our hair difference to understand what a good quality product in the hair extension industry really means.

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