Marketing Tips To Grow Your Extension Clientele

Marketing Tips To Grow Your Extension Clientele

So you’ve taken Philocaly Hair education and are ready to fill your chair with extension clients!  Here are our top marketing tips to grow your extension clientele: 

1. Offer an introductory promo

While we are so not about undercutting the market or undervaluing your skillset, it is important to get clients in ASAP while your training is still fresh. Offering an introductory promo can really help get the ball rolling while providing the practice required to gain confidence in your new service offering.

2. Make the time and effort for pictures

We are a part of such a visual industry and nothing sells better than gorgeous photos! Make sure you are factoring in time for photography when booking in your extension clients. Also note the following: natural, indirect lighting is always best, before and after pictures have the greatest impact (we love the app SplitPic to showcase our before and afters) and a non distracting background is ideal. 

3. Use promotional material

Use promotional materials to spark a conversation about hair extensions from displaying your Philocaly certificate, mirror decal and table talkers to reposting our content to your IG. Please ensure if you repost results we’ve added or another stylists work that proper credit and tags are given.

4. Wear extensions yourself

Your clients look to you as a primary source of inspiration! What better way to show your clients the power of extensions than wearing them yourself. Not only will you inspire your clients to wear extensions themselves, but you will also gain a deeper understanding of what it is like to wear the type of extensions you are promoting.

5. Consider a referral program

Birds of a feather flock together. Your extension clients likely surround themselves with friends and family who would also be interested in this type of service. Consider offering incentives for clients who do refer their network your way

6. Influencers 

Looking to expand promotion beyond your immediate followers/network? Consider working with a local influencer to help promote your work. 

7. Talk the talk

You are not a sleazy salesperson, you are someone your clients love and trust. If you genuinely believe your client could benefit from extensions, don’t be afraid to open up a conversation about it. You and your clients will both be happy you did!

8. List your new service

It is important to list your new extension service wherever clients are looking! Promoting that you offer weft and/or tape-in extensions on all of your social media platforms (In your bio/description, hashtags, etc), website, price lists, etc. is key.

9. Make customer satisfaction a priority

At the end of the day, nothing beats a happy client - A client that is so in love with their hair that they are screaming from the rooftops (or just giving you a big shout out on IG). Ensuring you provide exceptional service from initial consult to follow up goes a long way.