Machine vs Hand-Tied Wefts

Machine vs Hand-Tied Wefts

We have some exciting news at Philocaly Hair Extensions! We have officially launched our machine weft collection and we couldn’t be more thrilled. Of course, we have many questions coming forward on the main differences between hand-tied and machine weft extensions. We are strong believers that one method is not always right for every client.  We also believe that being trained and offering all methods of extensions in your chair is a benefit to both yourself and your client.


All Philocaly products including our new machine weft collection are made using the most premium Slavic hair extensions on the market. All of our hair is cuticle direction correct, silicone free, single donor and ethically sourced. All of our hair has a lifespan of 8-12 months or more depending on care.  


As the name suggests, a machine weft is sewn by a machine to create the track whereas a hand-tied weft is sewn by hand. Due to this, a machine weft has a thicker weft and a hand-tied weft has a thinner weft and lies closer to the head. Machine wefts can be more bulky at the root than a hand-tied weft and also can be more difficult to conceal along the edges. 


A machine wefts comes in one long bundle while Philocaly hand-tied wefts are sold in individual 10” wefts. Because a machine weft comes in one bundle the weft must be cut to size. When applying machine wefts you must measure the section on the head where you will be placing the weft and then cut the machine weft accordingly. Hand-tied wefts are more fragile and must never be cut - only folded.  


Machine wefts are heavier than hand-tied wefts which means clients with finer hair are a better fit for hand-tied extensions. Clients with medium to thick density hair would be a great fit for either hand-tied or machine wefts depending on preference and budget.


Machine wefts are more affordable than hand-tied extensions. Hand-tied extensions take far longer to produce which makes the cost of this option more expensive.  


Please login to your stylist account to view our machine-weft and hand-tied pricing. Philocaly Machine wefts are sold in 60 gram wefts. Philocaly Hand-Tied extensions are sold per individual weft and each weft has 15 grams of hair per weft.


How many machine wefts will my client need for a full application?

This depends largely on your clients hair length and density as well as their desired goal. However, we would be happy to give an approximation.


Volume application only:

1 machine weft

4 hand-tied wefts


Volume and length:

2 machine wefts for fine-medium density hair  

2-3 machine wefts for medium-thick density hair

3-4 machine wefts for thick density hair  


8-10 hand-tied wefts for fine-medium density hair

10-12 wefts for medium-thick density hair

12-14 wefts for thick density hair


If I am trained on Philocaly hand-tied install can I install Philocaly machine-wefts?

Yes, because you are trained in beaded row application you can absolutely install either weft using the same approach. The main difference in application being that you will have to cut the machine weft to size vs folding the weft like you would a hand-tied weft. Some stylists prefer machine wefts to hand-tied wefts and vice versa.


As mentioned, it is very important to discuss your clients goals, budget and assess their hair to determine which weft is a better option for them!


Happy sewing!

The Philocaly team